Avoid the 70% new business failure rate

Starting a business can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world and the scariest thing at the same time. Everyone wants to do it but very few muster up the courage to actually jump. It’s because we fear failure. Well...Bealthy is now by your side, to conquer failure..

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Start completing a roadmap of prioritized startup tasks

Start a step-by-step entrepreneur roadmap to help you understand the most important tasks to focus on right now.

We get overwhelmed with so much information and advice about how to start a business but Bealthy gives you a simple roadmap with a clear set of prioritized actions to help you build a business with a strong foundation.

Track your new business progress and overall health

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Bealthy New
Business Score

Reveal the other  important areas of your business like: mission clarity, legal structure, industry compliance, fiscal readiness and other critical factors outside of business credit.

Receive support with the most difficult business tasks

Connect with a specialized Bealthy vendor or mentor to help you quickly complete the more difficult startup tasks. When we use our time to do administrative things like building an accounting system, applying for EINs, or forming an LLC, we lose valuable time that could be poured into our core business competencies.

Bealthy allows you to work with experts and apps to complete each task in your roadmap so you can focus on what you love - perfecting your secret sauce!

Connect with our business vendors and lenders.

Get verified as a legitimate, professional business

Verify your new business and separate yourself from the everyday hobbyists. As new entrepreneurs we wonder why it’s easy to garner attention with our marketing but it’s difficult to get people to actually pay when it’s time to checkout. There’s a reason for this. People have a subconscious hesitation about business credibility, potential scams and legitimacy.

Bealthy proves you are different from unscrupulous business owners by taking you through a verification processes while in our incubator. This can be used as an immediate seal of professional authenticity even if you just started your business.